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Student Support Room - Fure Fure Student

The Student Support Room was established at the Nagareyama campus as the core facility for supporting students at Togaku.  It aims to be be an inclusive space which acts as the primary consultation window for all students seeking guidance and support.

When starting out at university, first year students can often lose their bearings, become overwhelmed, or feel anxious about their new life. When they reach second year, although they are now becoming more used to life as a student, they must prepare to move to the Hongo campus in their third year. Then, from the third year, young people find job hunting and their future prospects quite daunting. The Student Support facilities recognize these issues and do all they can to provide solutions, support, and guidance to help students through each step of their journey through university.

As well as providing emotional support, the Student Support Room staff can also assist students academically. Many students are concerned about their study skills and wish to improve them. For ten weeks, in every term, the support room provides ‘Step-Up’ courses. These courses, which are taught by faculty, support staff, and visiting lecturers, aim to increase basic skills (particularly in math and Japanese) in order to ensure they are at a level sufficient for job hunting. The courses also assist students in preparing for written examinations.

Finally, the training room on campus supports the students' physical well being. Support Room staff are on hand to encourage students to increase their physical fitness by exercising regularly to obtain a healthy mind and body.

Adjacent to the Student Support desk is an area of multipurpose open space, named Fure Fure Students by the students themselves. Students use this space for recreation, study, and meetings. At the start of the semester, it is also used for the Peer Support Corner, where juniors and seniors can interact and ask each other questions about anything relating to their university life. The student support facilities at Nagareyama campus are open to everyone, and all students are encouraged to use the facilities and talk to the staff freely.

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