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Liberal Arts Education Center

Established in April 2006, in view of the social demand for general education, our liberal arts education program aims at helping our students develop their human potential by encouraging them to formulate their own opinions, objectives, general knowledge, and ability to take initiative and action. Our courses help in cultivating their thoughts, sharpening their sense of judgment and sensibility, as well as helping them to acquire proper etiquette and accepted manners. 

In order to answer the need of our times, we have been offering required courses for our students starting at freshmen level, at our Nagareyama Campus. 

Our Curriculum for Liberal Arts Education includes:
  1. Training in basic study, academic, and professional skills
  2. Communication skills courses to develop language skills in Japanese, English, and other foreign languages, together with information processing skills
  3. Basic Liberal Arts training. Students can choose courses from the 5 categories below:
    • Understanding Human Beings
    • Understanding the Arts
    • Understanding Society
    • Understanding the World
    • Exploring Today
  4. Career education
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