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Welcome to the Faculty of Business Administration

The Faculty of Business Administration aims to help students develop the capability of working in the contemporary business world and contribute to contemporary society. Therefore, we faculty members try to interpret problems of our society as things that are happening now and strive to solve such problems together with students. Specifically, we provide them with opportunities to do case studies of familiar companies and products. We also focus our efforts on developing the capability of making presentations in a team.

Education is said to be a process of developing the ability to live in the present. How can you acquire such an ability? Here is a story about an embattled man who visited and consulted an Indian saint. The saint told the man to walk after him and took the man deep in the Himalayas. In the complete darkness, the man pressed forward, step by step, with only the feet of the saint in his sight. In the morning, he looked back to find that he had reached the top of a high mountain through a pass on a steep cliff. The man felt the pleasure of life.

I hope that students will find something to keep pursuing for the rest of their lives while they are studying at Toyo Gakuen University. The Indian saint is exactly that something. While you are pursuing it, you may feel that you are in the darkness. If you keep pursuing it without giving up, however, you will definitely reach the top of the mountain in the morning sun. The top of the mountain varies greatly among individuals. For example, it may be something only you can do or trust from people around you. Anyway, you should take pride in yourself, keep believing that you will succeed in life, and continue to make daily efforts. This will enable you to find your own place in the world and develop a zest for living.

Toyo Gakuen University helps you to find your own topic by offering a wide array of subjects and programs. They include liberal arts subjects, which give you clues for finding your own topic, specialized subjects, which help you explore a topic you have found, and activities in seminar classes and clubs.

You may work on any topic, such as music you like and fashion. You may read books and newspaper articles by starting from ones which are intriguing to you. You should just review what you have read by asking yourself "Why?" from the viewpoint of business management or society. If you have a part-time job, you should review your work from the viewpoint of customers or business managers, instead of doing only what you are told to do. When you face regulations to follow, you should think about your relationship with others, social justice, and the spirit of the law. Doing these will lead you to come up with various questions and find various clues.

Business administration and economics may seem difficult to some students. We can say, however, that all of us are doing a business in a way. Suppose that you are working for a company. You are practically running a small shop in that your work is being watched by others. Whether you can expand your business or not depends on your capability, efforts, or mental attitude, and this applies to any work. In this sense, we could say that business is life itself.

Everyday life is filled with elements that enrich your life. All the people you meet are your teachers. The Faculty of Business Administration has a wealth of curricula and a large number of well-experienced teachers. Let's walk with us to get to the top of the mountain.

Shin Tanimoto
Dean of Faculty of Business Administration
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