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Message from the Chairman

Taro Aichi

Toyo Gakuen celebrated its 90th anniversary in November 2016.

In this rapidly changing world, the mission of universities is to develop human resources who can respond to any changes fearlessly and who will not be tossed about by the waves of globalization but can ride the waves with foresight.

At Toyo Gakuen University, we have been committed to English education and liberal arts education for many years. We will continue to follow this tradition and develop human resources who can ride the waves of change in this era, when no one can stop the progress of globalization. Students are strongly recommended to be proactive in developing international experience on their own, by studying abroad or engaging in other activities away from Japan.

Responding to changes also means learning from failures. Suppose that your efforts have not resulted in an achievement. It is a failure but you can make it a good failure by examining its cause and finding better actions to take. The harder you try something, the more challenges you will face. If you learn from the challenges, however, you can develop yourself into a person who can survive any situation.

I was involved in research and development for many years as an engineer. This experience has led me to feel that "failure is the mother of success." I request students to keep taking on new challenges, without fear of failure, and acquire the ability to get along in the world.

I feel that an advantage of Toyo Gakuen University is the fact that, because of the small size, each one student is taken good care of, which is also the policy of the university. By following this policy, we will strive to establish an environment which will allow students to try new things or aim to achieve high goals, with a sense of security.

An excellent academic record does not always lead to the ability to get along in the world. What is more important than knowledge is the capability of working well in a team, where segregation of duties and progress management need to be performed effectively, not to mention the abovementioned attitude to take failure as a chance to develop yourself. I hope that students will improve such capabilities at Toyo Gakuen University to be able to work successfully in society.

We value curiosity and positive attitudes.
We respect an attitude to learn from failure and not to fear failure.

Taro Aichi Profile

Chairman Aichi completed the master's program (major: Metal Engineering) at the Graduate School of Engineering of the University of Tokyo and completed the doctoral program at the Graduate School of Environmental Studies of Tohoku University. He developed his career at companies including Dowa Mining, Co., Ltd. and Dowa Metal Mine Co., Ltd. He served as a councillor and a trustee of Toyo Gakuen before accepting his current position.