Campus Tour

Hongo Campus

1. Hongo Campus

The campus is a short walk from an amusement park and Akihabara - the world-famous electrical goods district. Hongo is also a popular area for those interested in history and culture. It is located close to Kanda, which is famous for second-hand books and a number of other academic institutions.

Hongo Campus

2. Hongo Campus

Hongo is a very attractive area in an enviable location in the heart of downtown Tokyo. The area is extremely accessible as it is on main-line train, bus, and subway routes. Students are able to enjoy both the historical and modern side of downtown Tokyo’s rich culture as part of their campus life.

Entrance hall

3. Entrance hall

The entrance hall is spacious and filled with sunlight from the five-layered open ceiling atrium, complete with escalators that connect each floor.

Phoenix Hall

4. Phoenix Hall

The main lecture and events theater, The Phoenix Hall, was designed in the same colour scheme as the Phoenix Mosaic that adorns the front of the building.  The hall can accommodate 300 people and is used for a variety of school events and international conferences.


5. Classrooms

The classrooms in building one are equipped with the latest audio and visual equipment which lecturers can seamlessly tie into their teaching. From any seat, students are able to see all visual displays, and up-to-date sound systems provide high-quality surround sound. These classrooms can also be used for distance learning.

University Library

6. University Library

The university library holds more than 110,000 books, serving as TOGAKU’s center of information for education and academic research. There is also an extensive network of web-based resources available both on and off campus.

Media Center

7. Media Center

There are a number of open computer spaces located around campus where students can use the internet freely and engage in independent study.

Career Center

8. Career Center

At the Career Center, students can do research about their future careers, have consultations with the center staff, and apply for internships.

Rooftop garden

9. Rooftop garden

Hongo Campus has been specially designed with careful consideration of the impacts of global warming. The rooftop garden of building one was designed to counteract the heat island phenomenon.

Powder rooms

10. Powder rooms

The building is climate-controlled, thus creating a pleasant environment that is also eco-friendly. The toilet and powder room facilities on campus also employ energy saving technology. They have been designed to take advantage of natural light and also utilize sensor lighting that is only used when needed, thus substantially reducing energy output.

Global Lounge

11. Global Lounge

At Global Lounge, students can practice speaking and listening to English outside of class.
They can enjoy talking with a native English speaker and seek advice on English writing in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. This space also serves as a venue of various international exchange events.


12. CALL

Toyo Gakuen University boasts a number of Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) facilities. The aim of these facilities is to integrate the use of information technology into language teaching and learning. They are used primarily for intensive language study that facilitates conversation, pronunciation and listening training.

University Cafeteria (TOGAKU Shokudo)

13. University Cafeteria (TOGAKU Shokudo)

TOGAKU Shokudo boasts extensive menus of the day. In addition, each dish is cooked after the order is received, allowing students to enjoy freshly cooked foods. The bustling cafeteria has a warm atmosphere created by the orange-themed interior while its windows command a view of the Tokyo Dome.