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Keiko Yashio

Keiko Yashio
Dean of Faculty of Business Administration

The Faculty of Business Administration makes the most of its location in the heart of the city. Tokyo is the center of the economy and learning in this context draws on real-life case studies and incorporates contemporary trends. Our faculty takes advantage of the location by providing integrated teaching and learning opportunities in “modern” and “practical” management delivered in “the heart of the city.”

First, students learn basic theories in the areas of management, economics, and marketing.

Second, students will deepen their understanding in more specialized areas by applying theoretical knowledge to case studies.

Third, the next step is practice. In seminars, students engage in industry-academia collaboration projects where students work on their own to tackle themes, identify problems, and find strategies to solve them, based on the theories and case studies they have already learned.

Throughout this process, there will be times when opinions do not coalesce in group work or persuasive ideas are hard to identify. Yet, it is through these experiences of adversity, conflict, and failure that you can develop the skills essential for navigating uncertain times.

Within the Faculty of Business Administration you will acquire "Practical Skills" - necessary to tackle real issues. “Communication Skills" - to enable you to take on leadership roles and to communicate your opinions effectively and “Critical Thinking Skills" - to enable you to look at problems critically and create solutions.

We believe that all of these skills are essential when both seeking employment and after entering the workforce. They will lead to the ability to pave your own path through life.

Everyone is the manager of his or her own life, and to manage your life you must understand things such as the flow of money and even how job hunting is actually a form of marketing. To learn management, economics, and marketing is to learn how to live. Welcome to a place of practical learning!