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Welcome to the Faculty of Business Administration

The Faculty of Business Administration was established in 2002 with an aim to develop human resources who can work successfully in the contemporary business world and thereby contribute to contemporary society.

Education at the Faculty of Business Administration is characterized by our attempt to interpret problems of our society as things that are happening now and look at such issues together with students. Specifically, we provide them with opportunities to do case studies of companies and products which are familiar to them. We also focus our efforts on developing the capability of making presentations and working in a team. However, an absolute answer does not exist in many of these activities. While you can judge whether an activity was a success or a failure by looking back at the past, business administration is aimed at creating a future that is desirable to both the company and society while it is impossible to predict the future accurately. This is why it is necessary to think by applying managerial theories, experience, statistical analysis, and others. We can say it is this point that makes learning business administration interesting and difficult.

On the other hand, a university is not a place just for pursuing the benefits. It is also a place for pursuing liberal knowledge. We can say that being liberal can be a goal itself. In other words, you may learn things without a specific goal but just to pursue your interests. And the things you learn in such a way may lead you to find something, sometime, somewhere. Our thinking is enriched by looking at two aspects of things — that is, depth and breadth.

The four years you spend as a university student is a valuable period, when you can create free time relatively easily. Interests you pursue and knowledge you acquire in this period should be the base that will support you for the rest of your life. The Faculty of Business Administration offers seven courses in three majors. It also provides a wide array of specialized subjects and programs and a rich variety of liberal arts subjects which support the specialized subjects and programs. In university lectures, you will hear many stories you have never heard of and you will find many things that you don’t understand. However, it is because you don’t understand them that they are worth exploring and interesting to explore. In my high school and university days, I believed that learning means studying and understanding something. I still find things I don’t understand, one after another, not only from books and documents but also while I am talking with students. Learning is an endless process, and finding new things is fun.

I would like each one of you to find a subject that interests you and pursue it more enthusiastically than anyone else. Topics related to business administration, marketing, or economy are found everywhere in our life. It is also a good idea to start by focusing on your favorite product or service. I hope that you will value your questions as you study at the university and develop yourselves into human resources who will contribute to contemporary society.

Kenya Hirano
Dean of Faculty of Business Administration
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