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Department of Business Administration Major Descriptions

Major of Management

Students in this major obtain practical knowledge on business management based on case studies of real companies and businesses. They acquire knowledge on business organization and administration and the mechanism of business growth through case studies of successful companies. This allows them to acquire the capability of analyzing corporate management from multiple points of view.
The Major of Management offers a wide array of classes that will be useful in actual business practices. They include ones for learning real business strategies from managers of renowned companies, ones for learning business foundation and succession, and ones about organizational operation.

Students in this major learn in either of the following three courses.
  • Business Management
  • Entrepreneurship and Family Business
  • Accounting Information

Major of Marketing

Students in this major study new marketing strategies and ways of operating service businesses based on creative ideas and by demonstrating communication capabilities. They deepen their understanding of the mechanism in which products are marketed. They also study measures devised in the process of creating hit products -- from product development to advertising, promotional events, and sales strategies, all of which are aimed at impressing people with particular products.
The Major of Marketing offers classes focusing on practice-oriented learning. They include ones given in collaboration with high-profile companies, in which students plan and develop new products on their own and propose the ideas and strategies for marketing the products.

Students in this major learn in either of the following two courses.
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Service and Distribution Business

Major of Economics

This program provides knowledge on the mechanism of economy and movement of money and understanding of the essence of the economy. Students learn principles of economy and acquire the capability of analyzing economic problems. They thus understand the overall structure and basic trends of today’s economy and acquire skills and capabilities that are useful in actual business practices.
Students majoring in economics acquire knowledge on economy and learn how to read data to be competitive in the business world today, when even a minor news influences stock markets in the world due to the globalization.

Students in this major learn in either of the following two courses.
  • Economics and Public Service
  • Finance
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