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Message from the President

To high school students, their guardians, and everybody who happens to know this university,

Thank you very much for visiting our website!

Toyo Gakuen University has firmly maintained its founding philosophy while responding to needs of the times. Today, in the 21st century, we see significant changes of the times. Just 150 years after the Meiji Restoration, we have finally begun to see changes towards globalization and diversification. This means that qualifications as global citizens will be essential for you whether you intend to develop your career in Japan or work overseas. University education has also been changing in accordance with such changes.

Faculty, staff, and students in our university community think daily what capabilities, attitudes, and set of values students should have to commit themselves to beneficial activities in society and lead fulfilling life after graduation. We make plans accordingly and put them into practice. Our desire to develop such human resources is reflected in our willingness to work close to our students and help them to become independent and autonomous. It is also our founding philosophy to aim for such a style of education so as to foster global citizens who respond to changes of the times. While times are changing, our founding philosophy will remain unchanged for many years.

I am determined to move forward with our faculty, staff, and students towards a new era while keeping in mind the history and founding philosophy of Toyo Gakuen University. What is particularly important for students is to be autonomous learners. It is an essential capability and lifestyle regardless of what career they will pursue after graduation. We also support new students, who are about to transit from adolescence to adulthood. They will have various anxieties as they lead student life. We provide those young people with places and human networks which will let them feel secure. Whether we watch them patiently or give spurs to them, each one of us faculty and staff members aim to face each and every student on an equal footing.

Toyo Gakuen University respects diversity and moves forward with students with a global perspective while striving to be as open to the public as possible. Our students include ones with various nationalities, ones from diverse cultural backgrounds, wheelchair users, and students with various thoughts about gender. Our faculty and staff ensure high quality education and foster autonomous learners by working close to students. Both our faculty and staff are fulfilling their duties as members of our university community without forgetting the basis of education and research. Being small in scale, Toyo Gakuen University is a future-oriented university. I believe that the university deserves attention from diverse students who desire to learn a wide range of subjects in humanity and social sciences, such as business administration, economics, psychology, sports physiology, international relations, and English, and all the people who intend to master business administration and economics at graduate school.

Yusuke Dan profile

President Yusuke Dan graduated from the Division of British Studies in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences, the University of Tokyo, and Amherst College in the United States, majoring in political science. He completed coursework in the doctoral program (International Relations) at the University of Tokyo. He served as the Executive Director of the Head Office of International Affairs at Tokai University and the Vice President of Toyo Gakuen University before accepting his current position. He is a member of the Japan Association of International Relations and an Auditor of the Japan Association for Human Security Studies.

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