About the University


Toyo Gakuen University’s education is based on three main ideas:

  • Respond to the changing world
  • Foster an international mindset in students
  • Provide outstanding pastoral care of each student

With over 90 years of history, the educational institution was first established as Toyo Women's Dental College, and it was later transformed into Toyo Women’s College. It became the present-day Toyo Gakuen University in April 1992 with the objective of providing rich educational experiences to cultivate individuals equipped with skills and talent for the international stage. The University now consists of three faculties, four departments and a graduate school.

We are facing an increasingly globalized world, while Japan is also changing shape. To meet the demands in this rapidly changing world, we must also change ourselves and respond with specialist education, with an emphasis on humanity, society and internationalization, alongside English language studies. We aim to cultivate independent individuals who can think critically, make educated judgments, and take actions.