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Language Study Programs

Students are able to study Chinese or English at various institutions throughout the world. The focus of study is on advancing language skills, increasing awareness of intercultural communication, and the importance of becoming international citizens. Pre and post orientation and training sessions are a crucial part of the program. Students are encouraged to prepare adequately, required to attend pre-departure orientation, and are expected to conduct pre-departure research culminating in a presentation on some aspect of the culture to which they will be traveling. On return, the reflection and feedback session is equally important. Students evaluate their experience and reflect on how it has changed them and their perspectives on the world. Students taking part in this program are also eligible to receive two credits.

Length of time: 2~5 Weeks (Summer or Spring vacation)
Location: The United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and China.
Accommodation: Homestay or university dormitories.

Toyo Gakuen University has international exchange agreements with the following institutions:

The University of California, Irvine, United States
Students study at UCI for four weeks in spring. In addition to studying on the Conversation and Culture program,students are exposed to American culture through a range of excursions offered by the institution. During their stay, there are many opportunities to take part in international exchange events. The University of California, Irvine is located in coastal Southern California, approximately 40 miles south of Los Angeles and 80 miles north of San Diego. The resort-nature of the town has made it a safe and pleasant environment for study.

The University of Calgary, Canada
Students on this program develop practical English skills through a variety of workshops and lessons. Calgary is blessed with beautiful nature and national parks.

Swansea University, Wales, United Kingdom
Swansea University is set in rolling parkland overlooking the majestic sweep of Swansea Bay, and within easy reach of the City of Swansea. The General English Summer Programme is a 2-week course that helps students to develop their communicative skills. Ideal, for students who are going abroad for the first time, the small classes, a maximum of 18 students per class, are taught right in the heart of the main campus. Students are taught in classes that are suitable for their level of English, meaning all students are given an opportunity to develop their skills in a supportive environment. Each week includes 22 hours of organised tuition and also includes social events and excursions to local places of interest. Students stay in university halls of residence, and develop not only their language skills but also independence in living abroad. A study abroad opportunity in Wales, is unique in that students have an opportunity to learn not only about British culture, but also Welsh culture and values.

Bond University, Australia
Bond University English Language Institute (BUELI) offers a variety of courses that will help improve written and spoken English for everyday use. For more advanced students BUELI offers courses for English in Business and pathways towards further university study via certificed examination preparation such as IELTS. Most TOGAKU students attending Bond, take General English programs in their two week summer program. Full-time study involves 25 hours per week and these courses focus on developing students' confidence and communicative ability. Some students choose to return to Bond to do long-term stduy abroad, taking English and faculty courses. Located on the Beautiful Gold Coast, BUELI students have access to all of Bond University's facilities including their world class library, multimedia learning centre, sports centre, and gymnasium. In addition, on weekends, students are able to try surfing, go to the beach, visit zoos and much more. Attending Bond means that students learn English in a welcoming, university environment and have opportunities to make friends from all over the world.

East China Normal University, China
Students on this course are able to study Chinese in the hustle and bustle of Shanghai. A number of language courses are available, depending on student choice and level. Aside from language lessons, there are also special courses on Chinese food, entertainment and culture. There are many opportunities for international exchange through the homestay experience and sightseeing in the local area.

Experiential Learning Programs

Students are able to take part in volunteer activities, an internship in a travel agency, and intercultural events through this experiential learning program. For those students with low confidence in their English language ability, or for those who are a little daunted at the prospect of leaving Japan, this program provides opportunities for these students to function and feel comfortable in their new environment. Students taking part in this program are also eligible to receive two credits.

Cambodia, Siem Reap
Students take part in an internship program in a Japanese-related travel agency in the heart of Siem Reap. Throughout the internship, students have the opportunity to experience a variety of jobs in the hospitality and tourism sector. Students are able to accompany tours to Angkor Wat, assist in the management of a guest house, advise tourists and recommend tours, carry out site inspections at hotels and restaurants and work with office staff on administration tasks. In addition, students also have an opportunity to visit a Japanese-run NGO that focuses on human trafficking victim rehabilitation, Kamonohashi. At this NGO, students can experience first hand how Cambodian women live and work as they spend a day visiting a factory, taking part in a house visit and learning about difficult issues such as poverty, human trafficking and education for survival.

Vietnam, Hue
On this program, students spend time at children's home in Hue with vulnerable young people who have financial difficulties. Throughout their stay, students live side by side with the children, supporting their activities. Through these activities, students can develop a deeper understanding of issues of poverty and education in South East Asia and can visualize what programs can be sustainable to support those in need. Additionally, students have an opportunity to visit an ethnic minority village in the heart of Hue to engage in a cultural exchange project. This gives students an opportunity to share their Japanese culture with the Vietnamese and develop a better understanding of the similarities and differences between their cultures.

United States, Texas, Houston
Students take part in a four-week internship program alongside civil servants in the City of Houston. Houston, the fourth largest city in the United States, provides internship opportunities for young people from all over the world. On the Volunteer Initiative Program, students are placed in a city department that best suits their skills and their future goals. TOGAKU have students have worked in the Public Works department working on digital projects, International Exchange departments, in the Mayors office and the department of Neighourhoods, working on a variety of neighbourhood and community projects. Aimed at students with advanced English skills, this program provides students with opportunities to use real English in a real business and work context. Students live and work independently in Houston and learn what it is like to work 9-5 in the U.S.A.
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