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Master of Business Administration
Graduate School offering a CFP® Certification Program

Learning business administration through theory and practice

Graduate School of Business Administration

The Graduate School of Business Administration was founded in 2008. It aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive at the highest levels of business administration. One particular strength of the school is the communication and collaboration between faculty. The school prides itself on its combination of academic research-focused professors and experienced business professionals that work within the school. These professors utilize their skills to provide students with examples of practical experience and expertise and solid academic research and knowledge. The school fosters an academic and work environment in which students feel comfortable, treat each other with respect, and feel at home. We are committed to providing a quality learning environment that engages, inspires, and challenges our students. We do this through one-to-one teaching and rapport and trust building among students and teachers. The Master of Business Administration course is taught using a combination of teaching strategies but in particular, small classes allow for enhanced student and faculty interaction and personal instruction. Teaching approaches include role plays, case studies, lectures, and research studies.

An ideal environment to meet the needs of the following people

  1. Those who aspire to deepen their specialized knowledge
  2. Those who aspire to advance their career while working
  3. Those who aspire to develop their skills gained through practical work experience
  4. Those who aspire to enhance their future business opportunities