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Message from the Dean

Toyo Gakuen University established its Faculty of Business Administration in 2002 and began teaching practical management and economics that can be applied in the real world. The Graduate School of Business Administration was established in 2008 as an institution for developing business professionals with a higher level of expertise and knowledge.

At the Graduate School of Business Administration, our faculty members with excellent research performance and ones with extensive experience in the business world together to provide practical education that is modeled on modern business schools.

The greatest feature of the school is the one-on-one education provided in small-group classes. Naturally, our faculty members work closely with our students, providing supervision and guidance empathetically.

In the academic year 2017, the graduate school began to offer a Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®) Certification Education Program as an educational institution registered in the Japan Association for Financial Planners. This means that students who take designated courses and complete the master program will be eligible for the qualifying examination for CFP®, an international qualification, and are qualified as an Affiliated Financial Planner (AFP).

Located in the center of Tokyo, the campus is accessible from offices of many business enterprises. We therefore welcome applications from people working in business.

Dr. Kazuko Yokoyama

Dean and Professor
Graduate School of Business Administration,Toyo Gakuen University
Dean of the Graduate School of Business Administration Kazuko Yokoyama


1) As an institution for fostering researchers and other experts, we contribute to the local and global communities by meeting the demand to develop professionals with a high level of expertise.

2) We further educate students who have obtained specialized knowledge that is based firmly on liberal arts education in undergraduate courses by providing them with education to develop deeper intellectual knowledge and practical expertise.


Issues in society have been growing increasingly diverse, sophisticated, and complicated. This has resulted in a greater need for specialized knowledge. To develop human resources who will play the leading role in addressing those issues, we provide practical education in small classes. Our students learn the theory and practice of business in the center of Tokyo. The Graduate School of Business Administration of Toyo Gakuen University has the following strengths:

  1. Campus located in the center of Tokyo
    Our campus is located in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, which is accessible to and from business districts in the capital of Japan. This location is also advantageous for research on business administration.
  2. Practical education
    We provide practical education modeled on modern business schools. Students gain knowledge, insight, and skills that are useful in the actual business settings.
  3. Courses to be eligible for the CFP® certification exam
    By completing designated courses, students can obtain eligibility for the qualifying examination for CFP® and be qualified as an AFP.
  4. A research presentation by a student

    A research presentation by a student

    Classes for working students
    We offer a flexible class schedule, including some classes that start in the evening and ones given on Saturdays.
  5. Commitment to improving students' English skills
    We are proactive in helping students to improve their English proficiency, which reflects our aim to foster globally competitive business leaders.
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