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Executive Lecture Series

In this unique lecture series, top management in major corporations and up-and-coming researchers are invited to discuss management issues currently facing Japanese and international companies.

The Executive Lecture Series is co-organized by Toyo Gakuen University's Graduate School of Business Administration and Faculty of Business Administration. In addition to students and graduate students of Toyo Gakuen University, participants not only from other universities and graduate schools but also the general public including business men and women, are also welcome to attend the forums for free.

The following speakers and many other corporate managers and researchers have appeared in the past.

  • Mr. Manabu Miyasaka, Yahoo Japan Corporation, President and Representative Director, SoftBank Corp. Director.
    Lecture Title: IT Business and Yahoo's Corporate Strategy.
  • Mr. Fujio Cho, Toyota Motor Corporation, Chairman of the board.
    Lecture Title: Toyota Motor's Global Business Strategy.
  • Mr. Shinzo Maeda, Shiseido Company, Limited, Representative Director, Chairman.
    Lecture Title: Shiseido's Global Business Strategy—the History and Future Challenges.
Mr. Manabu Miyasaka

Mr. Manabu Miyasaka, October 16, 2013.

Mr. Fujio Cho

Mr. Fujio Cho, November 28, 2012.

 Mr. Shinzo Maeda

Mr. Shinzo Maeda, January 18, 2012.

* The titles of the speakers represent the positions they held at the time of the speech.

Graduate School Management Seminar Series

As part of our effort to expand our services to prospective graduate students as well as to our local community and society, Toyo Gakuen University Graduate School of Business Administration provides them with an open campus program which includes a series of Weekend Management Seminars. Lecturers for this series are members of the Graduate School of Toyo Gakuen University and Faculty of Business Administration. Their seminars provide participants with clear, engaging lectures on familiar themes related to Business Administration at the graduate level. Participants can participate in our campus tour as well as can ask questions to our faculty members after presentations.

All lectures are presented on Sundays. We encourage those interested to attend at least one of the sessions that interest them. The seminars are free, and reservations are not required. The themes for upcoming 2017 seminars and schedule in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 are listed below.

2017 Graduate School Management Seminar Series
Session 1 July 9, 2017
Lecturer: Masaru ISHIKAWA (Professor)
Theme: Impacts of Negative Interest Rate Policy on Japanese Economy.
Session 2 October 15, 2017
Lecturer: Hideto AZEGAMI (Professor)
Theme: Japanese Life Insurance Scheme: History and Prospect.

Note: Application Form Writing Sessions also take place on September 25 and November 20, 2016.

2016 Graduate School Open Campus
~Management Seminar Schedule
Session 1 July 10, 2016
Lecturer: Keiko YASHIO (Associate Professor)
Theme: Career Development: Working through an MBA
Session 2 October 23, 2016
Lecturer: Kazuko YOKOYAMA (Professor)
Theme: Japanese Women Working Overseas
Session 3 December 11, 2016
Lecturer: Kisako HARADA (President)
Theme: Reflection on my Career
2015 Graduate School Open Campus
~Management Seminar Schedule
Session 1 July 12, 2015
Lecturer: Nobuo KAMATA (Professor)
Topic: Towards the Stability of the Exchange Market at a Time of Financial Globalization
Session 2 October 11, 2015
Lecturer: Takayuki TAKAO (Professor Toyo Gakuen University)
Topic: Verbal Communication and Utterance Interpretation
Session 3 November 8, 2015
Lecturer: Xinjian LI (Professor)
Topic: Understanding Globalization and the International Management of Multinational Corporations
Session 4 December 13, 2015
Lecturer: Hiroyuki FUKUCHI (Associate Professor Toyo Gakuen University)
Topic: Organizational Management in Marketing
Session 5 February 6, 2016
Lecturer: Shusai NAGAI (Professor)
Topic: The Resonance between Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance
2014 Graduate School Open Campus
~Weekend Management Seminar Schedule
Session 1 September 6, 2014
Lecturer: Iwao TANAKA (Professor)
Topic: Globalization and Income Inequality in Japan
Session 2 September 21, 2014
Lecturer: Hisamitsu IHARA (Professor)
Topic: Marketing and Advertisement
Session 3 October 19, 2014
Lecturer: Sarah Birchley (Associate Professor)
Topic: Effective Presentation in Business
Session 4 December 6, 2014
Lecturer: Kazutoshi NAKAI (Professor)
Topic: Interpretation of IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) Financial Statesments
Session 5 February 6, 2015
Lecturer: Yosuke KANNO (Assistant Professor)
Topic: Corporate Strategies focused on Design Thinking
Weekend Management Seminar Schedule in 2013
Session 1 July 13, 2013
Lecturer: Nobuo KAMATA (Professor & Dean)
Topic: Reading the relative strength of the yen and dollar
Session 2 September 8, 2013
Lecturer: Kazuko YOKOYAMA (Professor)
Topic: Why do we need global human resources in Japan? – Building a career to fit in modern society
Session 3 October 6, 2013
Lecturer: Masaru ISHIKAWA (Professor)
Topic: Understanding corporate performance in 90 minutes – Why invest in equities now?
Session 4 November 2, 2013
Lecturer: Hidehiko NABETA (Professor)
Topic: Becoming a consultant or think tank researcher – Requirements and building a career
Session 5 December 7, 2013
Lecturer: Keiko OMURA (Professor)
Topic: Effective English language study for business people
Session 6 February 15, 2014
Lecturer: Hisamitsu IHARA (Professor)
Topic: Marketing and advertising
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