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Graduate School offering a CFP® Certification Program

Graduate School of Business Administration


Learn all about business administration with us.

A comprehensive program covering marketing, finance, business management, financial accounting, and law

The Graduate School of Business Administration was established in 2008 with a mission to develop business professionals with a higher level of expertise and knowledge that can respond to changes in the business environment that is growing more sophisticated, complicated, and globalized. Our experienced academic staff educates students in small-group classes.


Number of credits required for completion of the program: 30

® Course for the CFP® Certification Education Program

CategoryCourseYearNumber of
Model AModel BModel CRemarks
Basic CourseBusiness Management14Not required for completion
Marketing12Required classes (eight credits)
Human Resource Management12
Core Research
Corporate Management1-22At least eight credits must be earned by completing four of these classes.
Marketing Strategy1-22
Business Management Strategy1-22
Human Resource Strategy1-22
Financial Accounting1-22
Management Accounting1-22
Corporate Financial Strategy1-22
Real Estate Management Design1-22®
Personal Finance1-22®
Risk Management1-22®
Inheritance and Business Succession Design1-22®
Tax Planning1-22®
Related ClassesBusiness Economics1-22At least four credits must be earned by completing two of these classes
Business Law1-22
Business English1-22
Business Chinese1-22
Case Study
Case Study A (Marketing)22At least four credits must be earned, with two credits from either Case Study A or B, and two credits from either Business Study A or B, respectively
Case Study B (Finance)22
Business Study A (Executive view)22
Business Study B (Human resources)22
Seminar ClassesBusiness Administration Special Seminar1-26Required classes (six credits)
Number of credits earned303032
Number of credits required for
completion of the program

There are three curriculum models for elective classes: Management (Model A), Accounting (Model B), and Financial Planning (Model C).
Students choose appropriate subjects and classes in accordance with their research fields.

Class Objectives

MarketingThis class is aimed at learning basic theories and methods of marketing.

AccountingStudents who take this course learn basic theories and systems of double-entry bookkeeping and financial statements. They also learn functions and roles of financial affairs, tax affairs and management accounting.

FinanceIn this class, students focus on corporate finance theories from the viewpoint of financial affairs for maximizing corporate value.

Human Resource ManagementStudents learn how to develop human resources in response to changing times and how to make use of human resources for revitalizing an organization.

Business Management StrategyStudents learn the growth and survival strategies of enterprises such as business diversification, management integration and M&A.

Case Study ClassesThese classes are aimed at having students acquire the capability of applying theory to practice and learning how to solve problems, through case studies and experience-based learning.