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Master Thesis Titles

Year Thesis Title
2023Research on the relationship between platform boundary resources and complement motivation
League of Legends Business Model: Exploring Players' Desire for Microtransactions in Game's Lore
electronic word of mouth (e WOM)
engagement behaviors in online community websites
Year Thesis Title
2022The reasoning and promoting effect on global competitiveness of Chinese firm’s business development in developed countries: Based on the case studies of Haier and Lenovo’s M&A in developed countries
Factors affecting planned temporary ownership purchase – a case study of smartphone and luxury bag-
Verification of the High-skilled Talents Training Policy Effect in Guangdong, China – The Study of Brand Building –
A Study of Success Factors in the Adaptation of Expatriates to a New Culture: The Case of Japanese Expatriates in South East Asia (Indonesia)
Year Thesis Title
2021A study on human resource management at Japanese enterprises who employ Mongolians -A case of Tekki Co., Ltd.-
An Empirical Study on the Influence of eWOM in the Chinese Movie Market on the Audience’s Desire to Watch Movies: Based on the Questionnaire Survey to the 1990s-generation Consumers
An Empirical Study on the Loyalty of UGC Uploaders of Chinese Video Sharing Platforms-Based on the Case of Bilibili-
The effect of word-of-mouth on consumer's purchase behavior in the internet age
Factor of stock price fluctuation in Mongolia - Top 20 index and background of the regulations in Mongolian market -
The effect of cause-related marketing on purchase intentions of consumers: research of the ethical fashion market