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Past Thesis

Master Thesis Titles
Year Thesis Title
2017 Research on Shiseido's Branding and Management Strategy.
The Construction of a Fraud Accounting Prediction Model: An Analysis of Companies Listed on the Chinese Stock Market.
Research on the Overseas Dispatch Training Methods of Japanese Companies:
─ Sharing Practices Between Large Companies and Small and Mid-sized Enterprises.
Research on the Success Factors of Long-selling Brands.
Year Thesis Title
2016 The Management Strategies of Mobile Communication Companies in Mongolia: A Comparison of Leader and Follower Companies.
Research on the Elderly Care Market in China: The Management of Nursing Care Facilities in China.
Issues and Future Prospects of the Traditional Craft Industry:
A Comparative Analysis Between Traditional and Leading Cases.
The Expansion and Utilization of the Private School Child Care Education Market.
The Localization of Human Resources Among Japanese Companies in China: Research on the Utilization of Foreign Students.
Year Thesis Title
2015 Management Practices of the Lucky Piero Hamburger Restaurant Chain in Hokkaido.
A Study on the Multiple-layer System of Management Philosophy and its Evolution.
Research on Business Services for the Elderly ─ Convenience Stores in the Local Area.
Research on the Governance of the Hong Kong Security Market.
Year Thesis Title
2014 A Study on the Quality of Childcare and the Childcare as Service
Year Thesis Title
2013 Characteristics of IFRS Financial Statements and their influence on corporate operations
Effects on regional revitalization by eco-tourism
A study of Japanese small and medium-sized enterprises implemented in Shenzhen region in China
─ Focus on processing trade via Hong Kong ─
TPP and Japan's rice export ─ Empirical analysis of the domestic supply factors and import countries' demand factors
Year Thesis Title
2012 Capacity development of non-formal workers
─ Focus on switching to full-time employment ─
Challenges and prospects of personnel and labor management for Japanese companies in Thailand.
─ The importance of cross-cultural communication ─
Differences between Japanese and Chinese culture in the workplace
─ Based on the Hofstede model ─
Year Thesis Title
2011 Derivative transaction in the Chinese stock market
─ Based on comparison between Japan and the U.S.A. ─
A study of corporate bankruptcies based on the cash flow information
Warren Buffett's investment strategies and their applicability to the Japanese securities markets
Year Thesis Title
2010 Effectiveness of positive mental health─The effects of mental heal─
The globalization strategies of Japanese brewing companies - what are the rationales for them?
Growth strategies for print processing industry
─ Focus on laminate processing ─
The nature of strategic thinking
─ Study of major theorists and the development process of management strategy theory ─
Roles and challenges for Eco-cities in China
A study of Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd.
─ Focus on their financial analysis and coalition with Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. ─
Year Thesis Title
2009 Commercial bank reform and disposal of bad debts in China
Effectiveness of hospitality in direct marketing
─ Focus on food products ─
Empirical analysis of the implementation and performance appraisal of a project to transfer Japanese coal mining technology to China
─ Case study of China’s Kailan Mining Company ─
Identifying inner characteristics common among leaders in Japanese management
Involvement of residents, business, and local governments for regional revitalization
─ Case study of Higashiizumocho in Japan ─
A study of changes in retail centers and potential growth for local shopping streets and individual retail shops
A study of performance evaluation of small and medium-sized enterprises
─ Focus on the practical use of management accounting technique ─
A study of work-life balance (WLB) for corporate management
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