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Sports Facilities

Nagareyama Campus has excellent sports facilities. The campus currently has two gymnasiums, five tennis courts, and extensive sports grounds. With spectator seating, the second gymnasium is often used to host intramural and intercollegiate sports competitions. The facilities are not only used for sports, but also accommodate large scale university events such as orientations and graduations.

The Training Gym was opened in 2009. The facility is used by both students engaged in club activities and those who wish to improve their physical fitness.

A brand new sports ground opened in spring 2011. The ground accommodates baseball, tennis soccer and rugby. The plantation of nineteen cherry blossom trees surrounding the ground will also provide students, faculty, and the local community with a new cherry blossom viewing spot on the banks of the Sakagawa River.



On the 11th floor of  Building One is a spacious two-story high gymnasium. The two-tiered seating area can accommodate over 100 spectators. The gymnasium is used for volleyball, basketball, indoor football, badminton, soft tennis, and a variety of school events.

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