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Department of English Communications Course Descriptions

English Career Development

The objective of this course is to develop practical English skills and cosmopolitan perspective, which are required for using English in business. Classes are given with a focus on acquisition of practical English skills, including English used in particular industries such as airline and tourism industries. Students are thus trained to acquire capabilities of using English for doing business with overseas companies or at global companies, for example.
Students in this course acquire a high level of English skills through training of using English in hypothetical business situations and giving business presentations in English, for example. They also receive training for developing cross-cultural communication skills that are required for working with people from various countries.

English Language and Culture

Students in this course improve their expertise in the language itself by learning similarities and differences in expressions between Japanese and English and understanding the cultural context behind the English language. They deepen their understanding of cultures of English-speaking people and acquire skills for communicating with them effectively, by learning linguistics, history, and literature of their countries and acquiring translation skills, not to mention receiving training for improving their English proficiency.
Suppose that you are translating a book from English to Japanese. This task requires not only a high level of English proficiency but also research skills, cultural knowledge, and Japanese writing skills. These are what students learn deeply and acquire in this course.
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